We started our breeding program years ago in Sacramento California.  I wanted to own a Cocker Spaniel for a long time so I purchased my first girl.   She was a beautiful red dam [Chuchi),  loving  and gentle (Chuchi lived to be 16 years old).  Then  I convinced my husband  to breed by  getting him a top of the line little boy for his birthday.  We  his name is Castle Hills Prince William.  He is 16 years old now and living with my ex husband. Willy and Chuchi  produced amazing looking puppies.  I was devastated when my puppies went to their forever homes.  I  had an empty nest withdrawal and  fell in love with the breeding and birthing  of this amazing dogs.   The light colored Cocker Spaniels have been my favorites and we have produced Silver, Golden and buff colored dogs. 
  We moved to Herald California in 2016,  20 miles from Sacramento next to Galt.  We wanted our dogs to have more room and freedom.   We have never kept our dogs in cages, they have a large living area inside and outside and are free to go in and out.   Our litters are whelped inside our living area and the dams are fed special diets, besides their dog food before and after the puppies are born.
We prefer to breed dogs with strong CHAMPION LINES not for the show or fame, (we do not show) but because the lines for a champion dog have been tested for hips and eyes and every male in all generations have been  DNA tested to make sure that the lines are true to their pedigree.
Our lines are different than other American Cocker Spaniels.   To make sure that there is no chance  of in breeding, we purchased a beautiful male from St. Jame’s Brazil.  His name is Ricky Martin and he produced great heads and healthy and gentle puppies.  We kept some of his most gentle and beautiful daughters, Princes Fiona, Lily, and Rosie.  We retired Ricky 9 Years ago he now lives in southern California.
We are continuing our breeding program with AKC “OPTICAL TEMPTATION OF MA JI AL  we call him ‘BENTLEY’  We imported this beautiful golden male from Peru He has produce amazing puppies.  He is champion sired by Fire Wall, a Peruvian champion, international champion and Best of Show.  His Dam is also Best in Show her name is Candy Girl of Ma JI Al.
we will be breeding her soon. 
 All our  dogs are AKC registered.  You will be provided with your registration papers and a litter certificate at time of purchase.  (If papers have not arrive at the time you pick up your puppies they will be mail to you as soon as possible).  I provide papers to every buyer and there is not a reduccion in price for not taking the papers. We hope that you register your puppies with AKC.
To learn more about this breed please go to AKC.org and inform your self about It.
Often designer dogs are given a breed name that combines the two parents breeds for example a Goldendoodle is a mix of a golden retriever and a Poodle- both purebred dogs with sought after qualities.
People often purchase designer dogs when looking for certain qualities from each breed  a Goldendoodle sheds significantly less than a golden retriever due to the poodle gene, but often has the family-friendly disposition of a golden retriever, this dogs are very intelligent and easy to train, they love water and are loyal friends. So are Labradoodles.   Cockapoos  will resamble a goldendoodle but is smaller in size.  They are not mutts a mutt is a dog that you don’t know what breed are they from.  Designer dogs have been chosen for their beauty and great qualities and come from great AKC lines.  Labradoodles have less hair than Goldendoodles and shed less  most of this breeds don’t shed or shed very little.
ALL OUR AKC PUPPYS ARE SOLD WITH LIMITED REGISTRATION   Full registration can be arrange for an extra cost OF $300.00.
TEXT OR CALL 916 613-3270  OR EMAIL  odettepups@icloud.com
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